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Hosting a website is extremely important, yet is often overlooked when the initial plans for the website are being considered. If the website is being done in WordPress, then the best hosting service to use is one that specializes in WordPress hosting. There are several different types of web hosts — shared, free, dedicated, VPS, and managed hosting. When someone is a beginner and just starting their website, choosing the wrong hosting service can be hard to turn around later.

As known to all, WordPress is a content management system and is the most popular system used to build websites used today. That being said, it does have some requirements for hosting and most major web hosts have installers that automatically will install WordPress on any website

Free hosting services are just that, free. However, these are truly a case of you get what you pay for and if a site owner uses a free service, chances are they’ll have to place a banner or text ad somewhere on their site.

Shared hosting is very popular with WordPress site beginners. It is affordable and is a good starting point. Hostgator and Bluehost are two good shared hosting services and both provide good service and have reliable uptimes

VPS or virtual private server is another option where a physical server computer is partitioned into multiple servers for individual customers. This provides as much control as a dedicated server, but is not quite as expensive. This is a good option for web developers or a medium-sized blog.

A dedicated server is a server that can be leased from a hosting service and the site owner has full control of the server. This is a choice for a site which is getting lots of traffic and making a significant amount of money because this is an expensive option.

All of these options will work with WordPress hosting and will do a good job. It just depends on the needs and desires of the website owner.

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