I Needed a Social Media Team

I had resisted transitioning my business to the online world simply because I did not know enough about the Internet or online marketing to know that I would be successful with it. As my sales dropped though, I realized that I needed to finally make the move. I wanted to set myself up with a good team first, because I really did not have a clue on what I was doing. It was easy enough to find a good website designer, and it actually didn’t take me long to find Panacea marketing either.

A good friend had told me that even with the best website around, I would not be able to attract attention to it unless I had a social media presence. I knew she was right because even though I don’t do Facebook or Twitter, they are terms that I hear many times throughout the day. Continue reading

A year later, another Google Doodle in celebration of Malaysia’s Hari Merdeka

A year later, another Google Doodle in celebration of Malaysias Hari Merdeka

Today is Malaysia’s 57th Hari Merdeka (Independence Day) and yet again, Google has decided to honour Malaysians with this dedicated Doodle for the occassion. Coincidentally, it was exactly one year ago that we last blogged here so it seemed fitting that I have decided to update the blog with news of this Doodle.

This latest Google Doodle is based on petals from the hibiscus. The hibiscus is Malaysia’s national flower and the artist have used both red and yellow ones for this illustration. The artist is Red Hong Yi.

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